Would you like to host a kids party that’s also fun for you?

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Having set up play spaces for over 2000 families since 2018, here are a few things we’ve learned…

  • You may think you are booking this just for the children. However, a huge benefit of our soft play and ball pit rentals for parents is knowing that the kids are playing safely and happily; allowing you to enjoy yourself!  Being able to catch up with friends and family uninterrupted – that’s priceless.
  • Our play rental experiences are what happy core memories are made of. Each package is carefully designed to cater to a wider age range; meaning siblings and friends can play together in a collaborative and inclusive environment. No bickering or being left out – just hours of joyful play.
  • There are not many things in life that naturally bring you into the present moment. We have enough distractions and worries in our day-to-day lives. Being surrounded by the people most important to you, with the central theme of kids playing is one of the rare experiences that connect you to the present moment. No mindfulness or meditation tricks needed. 
  • Inflatables are noisy! The only sound you hear with a soft play rental is that of children having the time of their lives – and of course, the voices of your friends and family without having to shout over the sound of the blower!
  • It’s the perfect leveller for all children. Mild to moderate physical limitations and sensory disorders are no issue in our engaging soft play spaces. We even partner with a leading Calgary school for children with disabilities, providing exclusive play experiences throughout the year.
  • Bright and engaging colours, not pastel or white. The reason – sure, pastel or white look nice on Instagram, but which colours do you think the kids would choose to play with given the choice? Remember: happy kids = happy parents!

What else should you know?

  • Are you an event planner or organising an event for your company or community that requires a kid’s play area? Please see our Event Rentals page for more details on how we can help.
  • If you would like something smaller, we have two sizes of ball pits as well as smaller soft play sets available for customer pick up from our NE Calgary warehouse. Please see our Soft Play – Pick Up page. 
  • We have answered many questions over the years! Likely, the question you are thinking of may already have been answered right here in our Help Centre 

 For booking support and custom orders 

call us at (403) 719-7776 or email hello@sprogandsprocket.ca

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