safe and clean indoor playground set up right in your garage

We’re back to bringing you the safest and cleanest play experiences in town!

Good gracious, is it fall already?  We’ve been laying low in the top-secret Sprog & Sprocket bunker since spring, and have only just resurfaced – so, did we miss anything?!  Now that the family has bathed, stretched and had a good meal, we’re back to giving you the very cleanest & safest play experiences in […]

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Lil Rollers Soft Play Party Rental. Pick Up Package. 6 Soft Play Obstacles.

Lil Rollers: Our Soft Play Party Rental For Small Budgets, Small Parties & Small Folk

Our Lil’ Rollers Package is the perfect package if you’re looking for a budget friendly soft play party rental. Thats right! You don’t have to be a high roller to take home the Lil’ Rollers!   Soft play parties! Outside of family, it’s pretty much our life. We’ve been delivering and setting it up in […]

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3 Toddlers Playing In a Sprog & Sprocket Ball Pit

Ball Pit Rental in Calgary Is Now Easier Than Ever!

It’s certain! you guys love a ball pit rental! So we thought it was about time to tell you about our new re-designed ball pits & what that means for your ball pit rental options! Since we launched into the Calgary children’s event rental scene at the end of 2017, one thing has become apparent; […]

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Lewis & his cake at his first birthday party

I’m Planning My Kid’s Birthday Party – HELP! (Part 2 of our birthday party planning tips)

I’m Planning My Kid’s Birthday Party – HELP! (Part 2 of our birthday party planning tips) There are some fantastic birthday party options for kids in Calgary (including one of our awesome soft play parties, of course!). But no matter what you choose for your child’s birthday, this two part series on birthday party planning […]

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Kid's Party Planing Tips

Planning Your Kid’s Party Without Losing Your Mind – Part 1

Planning Your Kid’s Party Doesn’t Have To Be Stressful Parties are meant to be happy – so why stress yourself out when planning your child’s next birthday bash. These few tips will have you planning your kid’s party like a pro! Staying stress-free during the party planning process starts with a long hard look in […]

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Playground or Bounce House

Sprog & Sprocket vs Bounce House & Inflatable Rentals

So… it’s like a bounce house, right? Did you know bounce houses have been around nearly 60 years?! That’s quite a long time to not have a real alternative to choose from! One question we get asked a lot when people haven’t seen any pictures of our Soft Play or Portable Playground is – “so […]

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Scenic Acres Community Hall

You’re Mental If You Don’t Read Our Blog Series On Community Hall Rentals! (Scenic Acres)

So you’ve decided to host Calgary’s most awesome kid’s party and don’t fancy holding it at your house – Now what!? Choosing a Calgary Community Hall that fits your needs! As if you don’t already wear enough hats through the week (cleaner, driver, bum wiper, negotiator, etc..!) –  you’ve now taken on the job of being […]

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